Cookie Clicker: How To Cause The Grandmapocalypse

One of the first idle games is coming to Steam, complete with achievements and cloud saves.

One of the most bizarre, twisted, and freakish twists in video games comes from Cookie Clicker. If you’ve heard of Cookie Clicker, it’s because of this infamous event — the Grandmapocalypse.

— And now that Cookie Clicker is out on Steam, its the perfect time to revisit one of gaming’s most brain-melting moments.

— This isn’t a standard clicker game, this is an abomination from the old gods. Cookie Clicker has granted us eyes so that we may see.

— Cookie Clicker is a legendary clicker game created by the one-man dev team Julien “Orteil” Theinnot.

— Originally released as a browser game way back in 2013, this memetic game about creating your own cookie empire turned dark and strange thanks to constant updates from the creator, adding bizarre new features until we now have a very fully-featured little game all about clicking a big cookie endlessly.

— In Cookie Clicker, you can upgrade your grandma workforce into a fleshy mass of endless baking potential. Here’s how to trigger the grandmapocalypse.


How To Trigger The Grandmapocalypse Event


— To begin the end times, you’ll need to fulfill some early steps. Before you can get started, you’ll need to unlock Grandmas — these are a building type that generates cookies automatically.

Step #1: Purchase 7 Grandma types to unlock the “Elder” achievement.
There are many different grandma types. By upgrading and purchasing 7 different types of Grandmas (like the Farmer, or the Cosmic) you’ll get the Elder achievement, and unlock the next required building — the Bingo Hall / Research Center.

Step #2: Build the Bingo Hall / Research Center

The Bingo Hall / Research Center upgrade unlocks with the Elder achievement, and has the ability to make your Grandmas four times more efficient. The Research Center costs 1 quadrillion cookies to purchase, so it will take a lot of saving and clicking before you’ll be able to finally purchase it.

Step #3: Wait 30 Minutes For New Upgrades
The Research Center unlocks new upgrades after 30 minutes or so. Save up your cookies, because you’ll need 16 quadrillion cookies to purchase the upgrade required to trigger the Grandmapocalypse event.

Step #4: Purchase These Five Upgrades
#1: Specialized Chocolate Chips
#2: Designer Cocoa Beans
#3: Ritual Rolling Pins
#4: Underworld Ovens
#5: One Mind [Triggers Grandmapocalypse Event]

Purchase the upgrades in order as they unlock. Each time an upgrade pops up, purchase it and it will take about 30 minutes to unlock another upgrade.

The final upgrade, One Mind, costs 16 quadrillion cookies. It also triggers the event, and will completely change your game, giving you disgusting new artwork and a bunch of new features.


What Is The Grandmapocalypse?



1. The Grandmapocalypse causes a slew of changes to the game. Not all of them are good.

2. Some of them are disgusting. And certain changes are absolutely amazing.

3. Continue to purchase Research Facility upgrades to progress from Phase 1 to Phase 3. Once you reach the final phase, you can stop the effect of the Grandmapocalypse with an upgrade temporarily or permanently.

4. The background art will change. First the Grandmas become creepy, bloody and beedy eyed — then they become abominations of flesh.

5. Wrinklers and Wrath Cookies will spawn. Wrath Cookies replace Gold Cookies, and can give good bonuses or damaging debuffs to your cookie production.

6. Wrinklers are weird, slimy monstrosities that encircle your cookie and begin syphoning 5% off your Cookies Per Second.

7. You can pop them immediately, or you can let them fill up — once filled, you can pop them for a huge cookie payoff bonus.

8. Basically, there’s no reason to destroy Wrinklers immediately. Let them gorge on cookies, then pop them when they’re ripe for a big reward.

9. This is when the game gets weird. If the Grandmapocalypse is too disgusting for you, you can turn off the weird stuff in the Settings menu on Steam.

Background changes

As the Grandmapocalypse goes on, the Grandmatriarchs grow increasingly angry with each Bingo Center/Research Facility related upgrade.

By using the background switcher unlocked in the ascension upgrades, you can switch the wall paper to the different stages of grandmas without having started the grandmapocalypse.

This is reflected in the backgrounds:


Why should I trigger the Grandmapocalypse?


The Grandmapocalypse seems a bit scary (tyrannical end-of-the-world jokes aside), but it's really not all that bad, and has the potential to usher in a new era of prosperity for you and your cookie business.

Upgrading through One Mind gives you a 6x increase in CpS because of Wrinklers.

Wrinklers are red, eldrich beasts which will leech a small fraction of your CpS and eat it. Fortunately, you can pop them to make them explode, giving you your cookies back along with a little interest.

The reason why wrinklers offer such a big boost is because they help each other.

Popping a wrinkler will give you an amount of cookies equal to 1.1x the cookies eaten by ALL wrinklers while that wrinkler was present, not just the cookies eaten by that particular wrinkler.

If you're still confused, here's a grossly oversimplified example. Let's assume you make exactly 10 trillion cookies per second.

Since each wrinkler will eat 5% of your CpS, 10 wrinklers will halve your CpS, lowering it to 5 trillion cookies.

After 10 seconds, those 10 wrinklers have eaten a total of 50 trillion cookies, so each wrinkler will give you 1.1x those 50 trillion cookies when popped. Multiplying that 55 trillion cookies by 10 wrinklers gives a total yield of 550 trillion.

Adding in the 50 trillion cookies from your unwithered production gives a grand total of 600 trillion cookies, exactly 6x the amount of cookies you'd otherwise get.

However, you have to actually pop the wrinklers before getting those bonus cookies, but doing so will force you to wait for more wrinklers to spawn, which can take a while.

(Wrinklers can also be spawned manually by the "Resurrect Abomination" spell from the Grimoire, which can significantly speed up the process.)

True, One Mind also come with the downside of turning some of your golden cookies into wrath cookies, but it's not really all that big of a downside.

Not only do wrath cookies result in positive outcomes nearly as often as they do negative ones (and are the only way to encounter Elder Frenzies), you can also just choose to ignore them if you want to. (Doing so is not recommended.)


To Pledge or not to pledge?


If you are an active player, pledging is generally considered the better option due to the benefits of easier golden combos. In the grandmapopcalypse, golden cookie frequency is reduced, making it not worth it.

However, if you are a player who usually relies on idle cookie production, the benefits of occasional Elder Frenzies and boosts from Wrinklers exceeds the benefits of an extra frenzy you get every once in a while.

It is recommended to fully complete the Grandmapopcalypse, because of the benefits to your cookies per second through upgrades such as Arcane Sugar.

Both idle players and active players should complete the Grandmapocalypse, because idle players benefit from the extra cps and faster Wrinkler spawn rates, and both playstyles benefit from the CPS multipliers.

Subtle variations can be made for several outstanding factors (e.g. Krumblor's Dragon Harvest, the various stock market loans, etc), but will not alter the overall effectiveness by much.

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